Using Google Suggest API with Apps Scripts to automate long-tail keyword research in Sheets

With the festive season done, it’s time to get back into the regular SEO grind—and in particular, getting prep work out of the way in preparation for next year. A sizeable part of my plans for the coming year involve launching brand new sites, which due to their being brand new, I’ll be focusing primarily … Read more

Validate keyword difficulty and thin content, checking if Quora or Reddit rank w/ Python

One piece of advice that is pretty common—especially for those whose audience is primarily niche site builders or new affiliates—is to target keywords that have thin content, as these will usually be far easier to rank for, do to the lack of competition. It’s sound advice—and I’d definitely recommend the same to anyone trying to … Read more

Find guest posting opportunities automatically using a SERP API with Python

Anyone who has visited my blog before will know that I’m a big advocate of SEO automation—in particular, SEOs learning to code to help run much of the manual busy work they do with scripts. This has been a common theme and, if you’ve been here before, it’s probably because of my previous PageSpeed Automation … Read more

Useful Regex examples and how to use them in Python and JavaScript

This past week I’ve found myself working on a directory project at work as part of an experimental outreach strategy for link building. One of the main aspects of this project was scraping existing listings from several different established directories and sites, collating these into a single directory—which the most challenging aspect of was getting … Read more

Get word count of ranked competitors programmatically using Node JS, Puppeteer, and SerpStack

I was browsing a few of the usual subreddits that I frequent the other night and came across a question on how to programmatically find word counts for ranked articles at scale from user u/Cocopoppyhead. As anyone who has come across my blog before will know, when I’m not tinkering with electronics and bits of … Read more